H. por Héctor de la Peña X Stendhal Store

November 30th, 2017

The idea that the future is already here is not new, nor do we pretend that it is. Our campaign revolves around a feeling of almost impotence felt in our society with the arrival of all those things that we thought unattainable.

The history of this campaign is a dystopian future in which a humanist front rises before a technological society that took the planet to ruin. This humanist front is characterized by wanting to highlight, rescue and spread the most beautiful features of the human being. Both the most perfect and the most imperfect.

Inspired by recent news, advances in space and Martian exploration, our campaign takes place on the arid soil of an Exo planet. With two human warriors and explorers who arrived there to preserve and spread the human species.



We want these persons to represent resistance, emotion, attitude, beauty, perfection and human imperfection.

The collection has these same characteristics with its natural textiles, highly functional brochures, and eyelets, as well as ample and structured silhouettes.

Photos: Khristio

Models: Anna Stolz & Criss García

Hair and makeup: Lety Torres